The Number One SAP Business One partner in Canada for 2016

Congratulations to N’ware Technologies Inc., The Number One SAP Business One partner in Canada for 2016!

N’ware Technologies Inc. beat out the Canadian competition this last year, which included 10 other partners across the country. N’ware has successfully accomplished this due to their growing team, industry expertise, and corporate culture. The commitment to customer’s success has been the driving focal point for the company, which has proven to be their success in 2016 sales for Canada.

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Private Equity Firms Create Investor Value With ERP and CRM

Private equity firms are in the business of investing in portfolio companies, each of which need to increase revenue, reduce waste and generate healthy profit margins to create value for shareholders and investors. In order to reach these lofty goals, more firms are turning to modern technology. A fully integrated ERP and CRM solution will provide greater control and insight over finances, operations, and improve the bottom line.

Manage Cost-Cutting Initiatives With ERP

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N’ware Technologies Acquires SAP Business One Practice from Copious Solutions

N’ware Technologies, a leading Value Added Reseller of SAP Business One business software in America, announces today the acquisition of the SAP Business One practice of Copious Solutions, a leading VAR of Macola Software in the United States. This transaction is contributing to Eastern market consolidation for N’ware Technologies, which has been providing Business Management Software solutions (ERP) for small and midsize distribution and manufacturing companies.

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Foreign Trade Zone procedures to cut down on manufacturing costs

By David Trumbull and Glenn Page, independent business consultants with expertise in Foreign Trade Zones

What is a Foreign Trade Zone?

In 1934, Congress enacted the Foreign Trade Zones Act “to expedite and encourage foreign commerce.” The Act created domestic “foreign-trade zones”, and was designed to stimulate international trade and create jobs in the United States.

When you operate under Foreign Trade Zone procedures, your company is treated (for purposes of customs duties) like it’s located outside the United States. That can mean that U.S. import duties don’t have to be paid on imported components coming to your factory. If your finished product is ultimately shipped to the U.S. market, you may have the option of paying the finished product duty rate rather than the component duty rate. (Many finished products have lower duty rates – or are duty-free – than their components.) And if you re-export the finished product, you don’t ever pay duties on the component materials. There are other potential savings, too, like avoiding duties on imported materials that become scrap, and possible administrative savings and efficiencies.

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Attending COSMOPROF 2016 in Las Vegas


We are pleased to announce that we are going to attend the COSMOPROF North America in Las Vegas this year. Please let us know if you plan on attending, we will be more than happy to discuss how our business management software can help you boost your profitability as a beauty products distributor or manufacturer.

While visiting us at our booth # 29093 you will learn:

  • How the best in class management and distribution software can also be affordable.
  • The success stories of our customers in the cosmetic industry.
  • You could even win a prize if you answer our question correctly!


You can also book a meeting with us right now using the contact form here.

See you in Vegas!

SAP Business One 9.2 Is Now Available!


We are excited to announce that the latest version of SAP Business One, the version 9.2, is now generally available! This new version of SAP’s ERP software includes :

  • Differentiation against competitors leveraging SAP HANA based innovations such as Intelligent Forecast.
  • Browser Access for SAP Business One daily operation users.
  • Enhanced business functionalities such as project management and improvements to existing business processes.
  • A new Argentina localization to capture new market opportunities.
  • Simplified infrastructure & landscape, making SAP Business One 9.2 easier and more cost effective to use than ever before.

You can learn more about the new features of our ERP system by looking at SAP’s video,  here.

Contact us today to learn how SAP Business One 9.2 will impact your business and improve your profitability.

Control Inventory Before It Controls You By Deploying The Right ERP Solution

Simplify Inventory Optimization With the Right ERP Solution

With thousands of inventory items to track, busy manufacturers and distributors can easily lose sight of inventory and cash flow. Growing businesses simply can’t manage sales order processing and fulfillment for high volumes of quick-moving inventory using spreadsheets and manual means. Gain greater control and insight over inventory by deploying an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution tailored for manufacturing and distribution.

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Rule to increase Contractor Information System Security for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

Effective June 15, 2016, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) has a new amendment which covers basic safeguarding of all “covered” Contractor Information Systems, including accounting software and ERP systems, in regard to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). This amendment has been four years in the making and covers the General Services Administration (GSA), Department of Defense (DoD), and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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Top 5 Ways ERP Can Improve Procurement Operations


Busy manufacturers and distributors rely on the procurement department to ensure that the warehouse is well-stocked at all times. Manufacturing operations can quickly come to a halt when raw materials are lacking and customers will become frustrated when they experience backorders or partial shipments. In this fast-paced marketplace, disconnected business systems and manual processes wreak havoc when making strategic procurement decisions. A modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, such as SAP Business One, can strengthen procurement operations and build a better bottom line.

Optimize Procurement Processes with ERP

Manage all of the moving parts of your business within SAP Business One including finances, inventory, suppliers and vendors, manufacturing and distribution operations, as well as other core business processes. An integrated solution makes it easier to enter, access, and analyze business data, which makes it easier to put that data to good use. With the right data at your fingertips, you can optimize procurement operations.

  1. Automate procurement processes: SAP Business One automates many common procurement tasks, which can save valuable time and improve the consistency of these tasks. You can create purchase orders, for example, that can then be automatically sent to a vendor with a request for quote.
  2. Purchase planning: Built-in business intelligence features can highlight trending inventory data, such as products that are increasing in popularity or decreasing. Armed with this insight, you can determine which items to purchase or avoid.
  3. Strengthen supplier relationships: Manage supplier and vendor data within SAP Business One, including details for items purchased, prices, transaction dates and delivery results. Know which vendors can deliver on short notice or offer better pricing so that you can schedule production and ensure on-time deliveries for customers.
  4. Boost profit margins: By connecting business processes with accounting and gaining visibility throughout warehouses and distribution centers, you can avoid buying stock you already have and monitor safety inventory levels to reduce carrying costs.
  5. Improve customer satisfaction: Don’t lose customers to backorders. Strengthen procurement insight and inventory management to ensure you have the products they want, when they want them.

Your procurement team doesn’t have time to manage inventory or make strategic purchasing decisions using manual processes. Work efficiently, improve insight, and make the data-driven decisions that improve customer satisfaction and profit margins. Contact N’Ware Technologies for more information about optimizing procurement operations with ERP.


  • “We have had our two highest months in sales on record since going live with SAP Business One.”
    – Mathieu Hamel, R&D Director

    Claisse is now able to locate information and measure the data to make informed decisions about the future of the company.



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  • “Implementing SAP Business One has had a huge impact on our business in terms of time savings. Previously, we could spend half a day searching for information so that we could do our follow-ups with customers.  We have been able to cut down our printing by 80% and in addition we have practically eliminated duplicate work, which allows for huge time savings.”

    Kevin Raynor, Purchasing


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